• Abu-Gosh Festival 49

הצטרף לרשימת התפוצה

שלום לכל אוהבי חגיגות המוסיקה באבו גוש

הפסטיבל ה-49 למוסיקה באבו גוש יתקיים בתאריכים 10-12.6.2016


תנו לעצמכם יום הנאה ממוסיקה, נוף מדהים ואוירה נפלאה - רק בפסטיבל אבו גוש



כרטיסים ניתן לרכוש בבימות ירושלים 02-6237000 או *6226



או ב -

Bravo *3221, 0722753221

לקבלת עלון הפסטיבל שלחו מען ומיקוד לכתובת מייל הפסטיבל




מומלץ להכנס למידע נוסף.
יש כרטיסים לכל הקונצרטים במידה ולא מצאתם אנא התקשרו לבימות 6226*


  • SONY Music Entertainment France 


    Exclusive Agreement with Bassist, Singer and Composer



    SONY Music is very proud to announce an exclusive long term agreement with the sensational  Israeli Bassist, Singer and Composer AVISHAI COHEN.


    COHEN is regarded as one of the world foremost musicians and composers in the jazz world and beyond. He has an already long and immensely successful career with his music spanning various influences, making his sound a unique blend of Middle-Eastern, Eastern European and African-American musical idioms.


    AVISHAI COHEN has pushed all the boundaries of Jazz which has earned him international awards and recognition globally. His artistry, originality and also technical brilliance is without comparison.

    He is also known to have an extraordinary presence on stage that has conquered all music lovers throughout  the world. He has continuously performed at the most renowned venues and festivals worldwide which has enabled him to develop a strong network of followers, striking a chord wherever he performs.


    SONY Music will have the great privilege to share AVISHAI COHEN’s wonderful and daring musical experiences and ventures which broaden the scope of modern music.


    AVISHAI COHEN will record his first album for SONY CLASSICAL, scheduled for spring 2017.


    “AVISHAI’s story, career and stage presence is a testament to the magic of Music and its staggering Power. We welcome AVISHAI on the SONY Classical and Jazz Label with utmost enthusiasm and faith for his future recordings” HERVE DEFRANOUX, Director SONY Classical and Jazz SME Fr







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